The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide

No matter how many times you use essential oils, there’s a lot to remember.

essential oil diffuser There are dilution rates, choosing the right oil for the right need, remembering if that oil is safe for your little one, and oh yeah, can you use that around your cat?

Sure, you can find all that in your favorite reference book. You’ll just have to search through a few hundred pages to do so.

Then, once you figure all that out, it’s time to pull out your calculator and high school algebra skills to calculate how many drops will give you your magic dilution percentage.

The last thing you need to do during a busy afternoon when you feel a headache creeping on is conjure up rusty math skills so you can rub some peppermint oil on your temples.

What if, instead of rummaging through reference books,

hunting down calculators,

and watching YouTube videos from math tutors

when you want to use your essential oils,

you had a quick and convenient way

to find the information you most regularly need?


The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide: Printable Charts & Checklists to Help You Successfully Use Essential Oils at Home.

The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide

Hi, I'm Kristen! At A Better Way to Thrive, I believe that every mom has what it takes to nurture a faith-filled & naturally healthy home, even if she doesn't know it yet. Join me to get the encouragement and guidance you need to take those first simple steps! I’m Kristen Smith, trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist, and I believe using essential oils at home is a lot more enjoyable when you have the right information at your fingertips.

Imagine How Much Easier It Could Be

Imagine having a simple chart that could tell you, at a glace, how many drops of essential oil you can safely use with your 7-year-old child who struggles to sleep at night.

Peace of mind?  Check.

Or how about looking through a checklist of quality brand characteristics to decide if you want to buy from that company, instead of reading yet one more blog article trying to convince you that this essential oil brand is only one you should buy.

Confidence?  You’ve got it.

Or maybe glancing over a two-page chart with common household needs and corresponding essential oils that are affordable and easy-to-find, rather than pouring over entire books with multiple pages referencing obscure, expensive, and exotic options.

Effective and efficient?  You bet.

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Over 30 Printable Pages of At-A-Glance Guidance

Included in The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide are over 30 pages of printable help, including multiple dilution charts with safety guidelines:

  • Master Dilution Chart
  • Infant & Toddler Dilution Chart & Guidelines
  • Child Dilution Chart & Guidelines
  • Adult Dilution Chart & Guidelines
  • Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Dilution Chart & Guidelines
  • Elderly Adult Dilution Chart & Guidelines

And additional charts and checklists that make it simpler than ever to use essential oils at home:

  • Phototoxic and Skin Irritant Essential Oils
  • Pet Safety Guidelines
  • Blending Quick Start Guide
  • Brand Quality Checklist
  • Choosing an Application Guide
  • Common Household Concerns & Suggested Essential Oils

It’s all contained in one handy PDF file you’ll download and print as needed.

Best of all? All of that convenience and confidence comes at a pretty little price ($9.95).

Stacy K's testimonial about the Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide

Saves me so much time and worry…

I used to have to look up individual oils and dilution rates every time I wanted to formulate a new recipe (which is often). This was stressful and time-consuming. But now I have Kristen’s reference guide at my fingertips, I’m able to confidently create home remedies and skin care products without worrying about them being harmful or unsafe. I instantly know if I’ve got the dilutions right whether I’m making something for kids or adults. This guide saves me so much time and gives me peace of mind. It truly is a life-saver.”


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Answering Your Questions

Does The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide promote a certain essential oil brand?

Nope. It’s completely brand-neutral and can help you regardless of your preferred brand(s).

Will I use up a lot of ink printing all this out?

No. Kristen specifically designed this with printing in mind, even down to page layouts and chart/checklist sizes. If you need to save printer ink, just skip printing the cover.

Will I need a special computer program to use the download?

No. The file is a PDF, easily read by computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Will I need a lot of background information or experience to use this?

Since this is a quick reference guide, it doesn’t give you in-depth essential oil instruction. That means you’ll have the best results using this as a companion to a good reference book. However, there’s enough safety information and guidance here to get you started even if you have no essential oil experience at all.

Can I get this information in your book Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth?

No, there isn’t overlap between the two resources. Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth is the place to go if you want to be sure you have a solid foundation with essential oils. This is the tool you need when you’re ready to build on that foundation.

What happens after I click the Add to Cart button?

You’ll be routed to Paypal to complete your checkout process, but you don’t need a Paypal account to finish. After you checkout, you’ll get an email from me with a download link in it. Click the link to download the file to your device, then print it or save it for easy access later.

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Carolin testimonial I can easily find what I need…

“I used to waste time searching the internet and books for the information I needed, then spend more time sorting through it all to decide what essential oils to use for different needs. I don’t have to do that now because I can easily look up what I need with these charts. The safety guidelines are so useful, too!”


Let’s be real.

You can keep sinking valuable time on Google searches or trying to find that one page with that one guideline in that one aromatherapy reference book, if only you could find it.

Or you could make the whole process faster, simpler, and a lot more convenient by keeping all the information you need at your fingertips.

It’s waiting for you now.

The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide

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Organized, helpful, and recommended to a friend…

“When I first got The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide, I read it completely through to make sure it was a trustworthy resource. That’s all it took to remove any hesitations. I love how neatly organized the tables are and all the helpful tips included in chart introductions. I even recommended it to a friend shortly after getting it!”




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