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You love the idea of natural health, but you get stuck trying to figure out how to make it all work.

You’d be thrilled if you could feel your best with natural remedies, like herbs and essential oils, but sorting through the complicated, conflicting, and woo-filled information out there only leaves you more confused.

You want to stick with healthy lifestyle habits, like eating well, moving your body, and using nontoxic products, but your time and money can only stretch so far.

You know you can’t do it all, but you’re ready to make real progress.

You just need someone to show you how to take those steps confidently, safely, and with enough grace to celebrate every little win.

You’re in the right place.

Kristen Smith, Herbalist & Aromatherapist

I believe natural health is a blessing from God that you can start enjoying right now, one step at a time.

With small, simple steps and the right perspective, you can find a better way to thrive, naturally.

What Our Community Says

Thanks for this great post, Kristen! I wish I would have had a resource like your article when I was first starting out with essential oils many years ago. You’re right… it can feel quite overwhelming!

I have such a strong desire to live naturally and without the chemicals that have grown so common in our lives these days and I am so happy to see that I CAN combine my Christianity with this natural herbalism. Thank you very much for spreading God’s word through this post and for putting me at ease with this new herbalism journey.

Finally…someone with some common sense. Thank you! I have been a nurse for 30 years and have such concern about the rampant thoughts that EOs are perfectly safe on every level…it was very refreshing to read your page and realize that this is someplace I can come for reading, information, etc, and feel like it’s real. Thank you!

I found myself thinking, “God, is herbalism sin? Am I venturing into something dangerous or dark?” I took a moment to search “is herbalism a sin?” Guess where I landed. Your site. Thank you for speaking life and remind me that God is the creator of all. My healing isn’t in the methodology, nor the plant. It’s in Him, my Creator and Father.

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Imagine Your Possibilities

For a moment, think about the confidence you crave. Imagine,

  • instead of just being interested in natural remedies, you actually use them without fear because you no longer rely on crowdsourced ideas for advice.
  • instead of feeling guilty that you don’t DIY everything, you master a few easy, nontoxic cleaning and body products, then learn where to buy the rest.
  • instead of struggling to make healthy recipes because it seems so expensive and complicated, you discover that simple, easy, and nourishing can all go hand in hand.
  • instead of always doubting your efforts, you realize that God can multiply them, covering many imperfect areas with even more grace.

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A Little About My Journey

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When my doctor handed me an unexpected diagnosis, I started questioning everything I thought was healthy and searching for a better way to live. Natural health was suddenly on my radar, but I struggled to make sense of it all.

My mind swirled with all the herbs, essential oils, diets, toxins, terms, and techniques to figure out. Online research and crowdsourced advice from friends often left me more confused or worse, gave me bad results. I needed something better.

So I read and researched and learned until I became an herbalist and aromatherapist, confidently able to use the amazing natural remedies God has given us. Little by little, I made sense of natural health until it didn’t overwhelm or intimidate me anymore.

I discovered it can be simple, enjoyable, and effective; a beautiful blessing from the Lord! And I want to help you discover the same.

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I love your three simple things to jumpstart natural health.  It just sounds like you are an answer to my prayer for guidance in this area of life!

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Helpful Resources and Personalized Guidance

While you can find many free articles on my website, I’ve created additional resources that will help you confidently and safely use herbs and essential oils at home:

Essential oil myths are everywhere, but can you spot them? This book walks you through 25 common myths and breaks them down so you can use essential oils more safely and effectively.

The Minimalist Natural Medicine Cabinet

Getting started with natural remedies can feel overwhelming. Simplify the whole process with this guide that shows you how to build a small collection of versatile remedies to take care of the most common household ailments.

The Essential Oils Quick Reference Guide

No matter how long you’ve used essential oils, there’s a lot to remember. This must-have guide puts the most valuable information right at your fingertips with printable charts and checklists.

The Herb Study Notebook

There are many ways to study herbs, but you have to find a way to make sure your learning sticks. This printable study guide and notebook will help you know your herbs inside and out, almost as if they were familiar friends.

Thriving Health Consultations

If you need help choosing the right natural remedies to support your health, I’d love to talk with you. I work one-on-one with people just like you who are tired of trying to figure things out on their own or aren’t even sure where to start.

My Thriving Health clients get uninterrupted, personalized attention and guidance from me so they can reach their health and wellness goals faster.

Kristen Smith, Herbalist & Aromatherapist

“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3 John 1:2

Certifications and Training

I’ve completed the following herbal and aromatherapy programs:

Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health

  • Botanical Skincare
  • Aromatic Medicine (internal use of essential oils)
  • Holistic Wellness
  • Family Herbalist
  • Master Herbalist

Franklin Institute of Wellness

  • Professional Aromatherapy Certification

Herbal Medicine for Women by Dr. Aviva Romm

  • Certified Women’s Health Educator

My current study programs include:

  • Herbal Aromatherapy Certification Program™ by Floranella
  • Self-Study