The Herb Study Notebook

There are a lot of ways to study herbs, but one thing will make sure your knowledge sticks.

You see, when you want to learn about herbs, you can surf herb blogs, read books, and even take paid courses. Any of that can work.

But if you’re not intentional, you’ll end up with a lot of disconnected herbal head knowledge and no way to pull it all together.

What you really need is to go beyond cramming plant names and actions,

hunting for that perfect herbalism program,

and quizzing yourself with homemade notecards that are always getting lost.

Those are best left back in high school biology.

You need a simple way to know your herbs inside and out, just like they were old friends.


The Herb Study Notebook

A Printable Guide to Deepen Your Herbal Knowledge One Herb at a Time

Imagine having a way to

to combine your herbal research with hands-on herbal projects,

to experience herbs first-hand with all of your senses,

to make connections between the many herbs you study,

and keep all of your in-depth knowledge recorded in one organized place?

Not only that, but image that notebook becoming your favorite herbal reference book, something you can turn to time and time again as you add to it over the years, until it becomes a literal treasure trove of herbal insight?

Kristen Smith, author

I’m Kristen.

As a seasoned herbalist, I know the best learning happens when you spend time with a single herb, studying it and experiencing it, and have an organized way to record all that you discover.

I created this notebook so you can easily do just that.

A Complete Herb Study Guide, Plus 32 Printable Notebook Pages

In this flexible PDF download, you’ll find a complete study guide that teaches you exactly how to use your notebook. You’ll even get tips on finding reliable herbal information for your research and quality herbs for your projects.

The printable notebook pages, available in two formats, cover crucial areas of herbal study like:

  • Basic herb facts
  • Safety guidelines
  • Traditional and modern uses
  • Clinical research
  • Herb appearance, texture, scent, and taste
  • Growing and foraging information
  • Herbal infusion notes
  • Herbal project notes and reflections
  • Additional notes
  • And more

Whether you’re enrolled in an herbal program or casually learning on your own, The Herb Study Notebook will help you know your herbs like you’ve always wanted.

When you’re ready to learn about a new herb, simply print a new set of notebook pages to guide your studies.

When you make a new discovery about an herb you’ve already covered, just print the page or two you need to make your notes.

As your notebook grows, so will your herbal confidence and know-how.

Before long, you might realize your reference books stay on the shelf longer because the knowledge you need is already in you.

And when you need that favorite resource to help you, the one you reach for is the one you created yourself.

There is no perfect herb school or teacher, but there is a better way to study herbs.

And it’s waiting for you in The Herb Study Notebook.