25 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas, Done in 15 Minutes or Less!

Giving handmade gifts is a great way to keep the Christmas budget in check, but it can sometimes be time-consuming. These DIY gift ideas are perfect for last minute gifts and come together in just minutes!

25 Last Minute DIY Gift Ideas, Done in 15 Minutes or Less! Gift ideas for all sorts of people on your list!

Over the years I’ve really come to enjoy making and giving homemade gifts to my family at Christmas. I used to give homemade bread and jams, but as my herbal know-how increased, I turned to gifts like teas and salves.

While homemade gifts can definitely be cost-savers, one thing is certain: they take some forethought, advance planning, and enough time to come together. If you forget to include someone in your plans, you can end up in a pinch trying to figure out a gift that you can put together quickly!

No need to despair, though. I’ve come up with a list of 25 last minute DIY gifts that you can make in a matter of minutes. You’ll find edible gifts, spa-themed gifts, gifts for a natural home, and more!

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(1) DIY Foaming Hand Soap uses only Castile soap and water but still makes for a unique gift.

(2) A Lavender Sachet is a very simple gift to make, and you could always substitute the lavender for other aromatic herbs that you have on hand.

(3) Relaxing Lavender Bath Salts are truly an indulgent treat that doesn’t require a huge investment of time. These would be perfect for any busy mom on your list!

Bath Salts ingredients

(4) A Homemade Potpourri is useful, enjoyable, and very simple to make. You can give it with a happy heart knowing that your loved one is enjoying natural scents instead of artificial fragrances.

(5) My Two-Ingredient Cleaning Paste may not be a pampering gift, but it’s extremely practical. Put it in a pretty tin and add it to a gift set themed for a naturally clean home for a special touch.

(6) Ribbon-Covered Hair Clips are a cute gift to give to any little girl on your list. Of course I’m partial to Flexi-Clips, but these are a nice DIY option!

(7) Homemade Air Freshener Sprays can be made in a matter of seconds but are so special! You can customize them based on the recipient’s preferences, too.

(8) DIY Lip Balm is an easy project that you can even involve your children in! Different essential oils will lend different flavors, and you can even make them plain if you don’t have any essential oils to use.

(9) Homemade Dark Chocolate Sauce is absolutely delicious and can be used for so many treats! If you give this as a gift, be sure you have a way to keep it cold until your recipient can get it home.

(10) Slippery Elm Pastilles are an easy herbal alternative to conventional cough drops. They take just minutes to mix but do require a day to dry. We love them in our home!

(11) Our Smith’s Secret Recipe Kettle Corn isn’t such a secret anymore. It’s also no secret that it makes for an easy and enjoyable gift! We’ve given bags of these to nieces and nephews at Christmas and it’s always a hit.

Smith's Secret Recipe Kettle Corn 2

(12) Homemade Herbal Hand Sanitizer is a fantastic alternative to alcohol and triclosan-based products. This would be a great gift for moms of littles.

(13) This Simple, Soothing, & Moisturizing Hand and Foot Scrub can be made in a bulk batch to be given as gifts. It takes just a tiny bit to make a big difference in dry hands and feet!

(14) Whipped Body Butters are some of the easiest moisturizers to make. No melting is required and your mixer does all the work! Different essential oils can be added for different end products, too.

(15) Mason Jar Lid Snowmen make for an adorable seasonal decoration that the children can get right into. They are a great way to reuse canning lids that have already sealed jars before, too.

(16) Spiced Vanilla Sugar is a fun pantry addition to give to those who like to bake or make sweet treats.

(17) Potpourri Jars take homemade potpourri blends to a new level. These are really beautiful!

(18) My Homemade Tooth Powder might make for an unusual gift if given on its own, but added into a set with other natural toiletries, it would fit right in!

Homemade tooth powder

(19) Brown Sugar Vanilla Body Scrub is a classic scrub that everyone enjoys. More than likely, most of us always have the ingredients in our cupboards, too.

(20) This Simple Carpet Freshener is simple and effective. It would go great with some of the other cleaning and home products in this list!

(21) Bath Teas are really just herb blends purposed to go in a hot bath instead of a hot drink. They are so simple to make! Just give with a small muslin or cotton bag for easy use.

(22) This Mocha Body Scrub would be perfect for any coffee lover in your life, even those who just enjoy the scent but can’t drink it for one reason or another.

(23) An Herbal Pregnancy Tea Blend isn’t just for expectant moms. It’s a great tea for any woman of childbearing age! If giving it to a woman who isn’t pregnant, you could rename it with something more generic.

(24) A Peppermint Foot Soak would be a very thoughtful gift for anyone who spends a lot of time on his or her feet during the day.

(25) My Herbal Chai Blend with Dandelion and Rooibos is sure to bless the tea-lover in your life! Chai is such a delightfully warm drink, perfect for winter, and the herbs in this blend promote health and wellness after the busy holidays.

25 Last Minute Gift Ideas

Do you have other last minute gift ideas that you often turn to? What are they?


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