3 Disinfecting Essential Oil Blends for Your Home

Essential oils don’t just smell good. They are fantastic additions to your natural cleaning routine!

Many oils offer antimicrobial, antiviral, anti fungal, and antiseptic properties, making them fitting additions for homemade cleaning solutions that will be used in places like the kitchen, bathroom, door knobs, and light switches.

3 Disinfecting Essential Oil Blends for Your Home

Some essential oil companies offer unique and secret blends specially formulated just for cleaning and disinfecting. Those blends are certainly convenient!

However, blends are usually more expensive, and it can be difficult to know exactly how much of each oil is in the finished blend.

Saving money and being more informed about what I use in my home are two great motivators for making my own disinfecting essential oil blends, but there’s a third reason, too.

Blending essential oils is just plain fun! There are so many unique scent profiles that you can develop with a selection of oils, and you really can customize them to meet your family’s needs and preferences.

Three Disinfecting Essential Oil Blends

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Sound answers bannerThe following blends each feature oils with potent disinfecting properties.

They add up to 10 total drops, making it easy for you to make large batches if you prefer. Just use small empty amber bottles like these, and write down the blend in a notebook so you remember what is in it.

You can also just mix up the blends as you create your cleaning solution. Just combine 20 total drops of the blend with 1 cup water and 1 cup vinegar in an empty spray bottle. Give it a quick shake, then spray and use as you would any other all purpose spray.

You might enjoy these blends diffused through the room, too. Just 2 or 3 drops placed in a warm pan of water set over very low heat can do the job. Be sure the water steams, but doesn’t simmer.

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Gentle Blend

This is a great blend to use around children. I think it has a delightful, springy aroma, perfect for spring cleaning!

  • 7 drops lavender (lavendula officinalis)
  • 3 drops lemon (citrus limon)

Citrus Spice Blend

This has a warm, bright scent that works great all year long, but especially during the holidays because of the clove.

  • 4 drops sweet orange (citrus sinensis)
  • 2 drops lemon (citrus limon)
  • 2 drops clove bud (syzygium aromaticum)

Herbal Mint Blend

The spearmint in this blend helps to sweeten the more herbal, medicinal scents of eucalyptus and tea tree.

  • 4 drops eucalyptus (eucalyptus globulus)
  • 3 drops tea tree (melaleuca alternifolia)
  • 3 drops spearmint (mentha spicata)

3 Disinfecting Essential Oil Blends for Your Home (2)

All three of these blends are safe to use around the whole family, though using eucalyptus radiata may be preferred if you will be using the Herbal Mint blend around infants and children under 2.

Most of my essential oils come from Florihana (carried by Tropical Traditions), Mountain Rose Herbs, and Plant Therapy.

For more common sense guidance and evidence based information on essential oils, be sure to check out my book Essential Oils: Separating Truth from Myth, available in print, Kindle, and PDF download.

What are your favorite essential oils for cleaning?

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    1. These look great! Can you tell me if these recipes for cleaning blends will kill viruses? Such as the Coronavirus? I do not like using the Chlorox wipes everywhere and would rather find a safe EO blend.

      Thank You!

      1. Hi Connie. These essential oils all have some antiviral activity, but that doesn’t mean they work at deactivating all viruses equally. I can’t say if any of these will work at deactivating the coronavirus. This is actually true for bacteria and fungi, as well. Just because an herb or essential oil is labeled as antifungal or antibacterial, that doesn’t mean it works against every bacteria and fungus. So while these blends will all provide some disinfecting power, I can’t say how many and which strains will be effected.

        I understand not liking to use conventional cleaners. I have read more about hydrogen peroxide effectively disinfecting, so that could be an option for you if you’re at greater risk for coronavirus. I hope that helps you!