Frozen Coffee Cubes

If you spend a day with me, you’ll quickly learn that I really enjoy my coffee. It’s not that I need the caffeine or can’t survive the day without it; I just really like it.

Strong, black, smooth, warm coffee simply makes me feel all cozy inside.

Frozen Coffee Cubes: the perfect way to use leftover coffee!

This strong affection for the beautiful bean beverage leads me to cringe when I make coffee for guests and have a decent amount left over in the pot. Economy plays a part, too. My frugal heart hates waste, and seeing delightful organic coffee go down the drain is just too much!

One day, however, I thought of a rather obvious (brilliant?) idea for saving that left over coffee, and the concept of frozen cofee cubes was born in my mind.

Before giving you the oh-so-detailed instructions for making coffee cubes, you might first be wondering why they would be needed in the first place. Isn’t coffee supposed to be hot?

Well, when my pot has brewed and I pour my first mug, the coffee is scalding hot, and I like keeping my taste buds in tact. When I just leave it on the counter to cool, I almost always get distracted by the requests of little people and come back to a mug of lukewarm coffee. Bleh!

With my frozen coffee cubes, I simply pop one in the mug, pour the hot coffee in, and enjoy my java at *just* the right temperature. Couldn’t I just use an ice cube, you ask? Yes, of course, but then my coffee would get watered down! I just can’t do that.

Coffee cubes are also excellent in the summer for making iced coffee drinks. While I don’t like sweet coffee drinks like flavored lattes or iced mochas, I do enjoy a nice raw milk latte or two.

I make espresso in my stovetop espresso maker, and pour that 1/3 of the way up into a glass filled with coffee cubes. Top it off with fresh raw milk from your local pasturing farm, and you have yourself a real coffee treat.

And now, the recipe. Get ready. It’s complicated.

save leftover coffee to make frozen coffee cubes

Frozen Coffee Cubes


  • Leftover coffee
  • Additional leftover coffee


  1. Pour leftover coffee into a glass measuring cup and refrigerate until cold. If you have additional leftover coffee, you may add it to this same glass.
  2. When it is cold, pour the coffee into ice cube trays. Put the trays in the freezer, using great caution to not spill.
  3. Once the cubes are completely frozen, pop them out into a freezer bag that you have labeled “Gourmet Frozen Coffee Cubes”. You’ll feel fancier using them.
  4. Use coffee cubes, one or two at a time, to cool coffee for immediate enjoyment. You may also use coffee cubes in greater quantities for making iced coffee beverages.

Coffee fans, you’re welcome.

save leftover coffee to make frozen coffee cubes

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What do you do with leftover coffee?

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    1. Awesome!! I could stand to save some of my leftover coffee instead of drinking a fourth or *gasp* fifth cup in the name of finishing the pot!!! 🙂