Thriving Health Consultations

When you’re working toward a health and wellness goal, it can feel overwhelming to sort through all the information out there.

You can spend hours on Pinterest and Google searches, only to end up more confused and uncertain.

You want more than what conventional medicine has to offer, but you’re not sure how to tell reliable, trustworthy information from more hype.

You desperately want direction from someone who isn’t going to quickly sell you on expensive supplements and complicated programs.

Kristen Smith, Herbalist & Aromatherapist I can help.

Hi, I’m Kristen.

Years ago I found myself dissatisfied with the mainstream suggestions for treating my family’s common health and wellness issues. I wanted to be preventative, and when needs arose, I wanted to treat them safely at home as much as possible.

Internet searches gave me some wins, but I also experienced my share of fails. I needed better information to make confident, smarter choices.

So I started studying natural health. First on my own with all the books I could find, and then through formal classes. I’ve now earned multiple certifications in herbalism, aromatherapy, and related topics and continue to study. (My qualifications are at the bottom of the page.)

A new world opened up to me, and I want to help open it up for you, too.

Imagine what it would be like to

  • Talk about your specific health and wellness goals with someone who doesn’t have an ulterior motive to sell you something.
  • Get a clear, individualized blueprint to help you meet your wellness goals with the safest, most effective natural health options you have.
  • Gain the confidence you need to make smart, healthy decisions for yourself or your children.
  • Have a reliable expert you can turn to with questions about herbs, essential oils, and healthy lifestyle habits.

That’s exactly what you can expect when you partner with me during a Thriving Health consultation.

dried herbs in jars and a basket

When we work together, here’s what you can expect:

Initial Client Intake Forms

First, you’ll fill out initial client intake forms to help me get a comprehensive picture of your current health and wellness needs. These thorough forms are an important piece of our first call and will allow you to get the most benefit from your call as possible.

I’ll review your forms before our call so I can come into it prepared with the information you need.

90-Minute Consultation Call

Next, we’ll have a 90-minute consultation session over Zoom. This will be an interactive conversation where we’ll discuss the different natural health options that can help you reach your health and wellness goals.

You’ll be able to ask questions the entire time and we’ll work together to discover your best options.

Printable Summary

Within 72 hours of our call, I’ll email you a printable summary of the information we discussed. This will be like an individualized natural health summary that will help you remember the things you learned during the call and decide what you’d like to implement.

The printable summary is in no way to be misunderstood as a prescription. You alone are responsible for what you do with the information provided to you during the call and in the print summary.

30-Minute Follow-Up

About 2-3 weeks after our first consultation call, we’ll have a 30-minute follow-up call to talk about your progress and any new developments or questions that have come up since we first spoke.

At this point, you’ll learn about options for additional consultation calls (if you haven’t booked a multi-session package), Quick Consult Calls, and other established client benefits.

Essential Oils and Tincture Bottles

Your health is worth it.

It really is possible to demystify natural health and find smart options that work for your current goals, situation, and budget.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed or stuck anymore.

When you learn about the safest and most effective natural health options, you’ll be able to make confident decisions about your health.

I can help you gain that confidence.

During my call with Kristen, I knew she wasn’t giving me one-size-fits all information. I felt very comfortable talking with her and could open up about the issues I had. Now I finally have the knowledge I need to take charge of my symptoms. 

Thriving Health Consultations Packages

Initial Consultation Package – $179

All Thriving Health Consultation Packages start with the Initial Consultation Package, consisting of the Initial Intake Forms, 90-Minute Consultation Call, Printable Summary, and 30-Minute Follow-Up call outlined above.

You can schedule the Initial Consultation Package by itself, or schedule any of the multi-session packages listed below for additional savings and benefits.

3-Month Consultation Package – $349

When you want to be sure you don’t fizzle out after getting a strong start with the Initial Consultation Package, scheduling a 3-Month Package can be a great option.

You’ll get the Initial Consultation Package, along with 2 more months of 60-minute calls. After each 60-minute call, you’ll also get another Printable Summary with everything we discussed.

6-Month Consultation Package – $599

If you’re determined to make serious progress towards your health and wellness goals, the 6-Month Consultation Package is for you.

You’ll get the Initial Consultation Package, along with 5 more months of 60-minute calls and Printable Summaries after each call.

12-Month Consultation Package – $999

When you’re ready to develop healthy habits that will last you a lifetime and become the healthiest version of yourself, a 12-Month Consultation Package gives you the transformational support you need.

Along with your Initial Consultation Package, you’ll get 11 more months of 60-minute calls and Printable Summaries.

Reduced fees are available for active-duty military members and veterans, pastors and pastoral family members, and those with financial hardships.

Here’s how to get started.

  1. Fill out the Interest Form here. I’ll review it and see if your case fits my qualifications and experience. If not, I’ll let you know and offer other options for you.
  2. If your case is a good fit for me, you’ll have the opportunity to secure an appointment. If you opt to proceed, I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.
  3. Next, you’ll get a link to choose your appointment time and another link to fill out your initial client intake forms.
  4. Last, we’ll have our call and set up your follow-up appointment.

I can’t wait to help you become more informed and empowered so you can take greater control over your health.

Holy basil with mortar and pestle


Can you help me figure out what my health problem is?

No. I am not a licensed care provider and can’t diagnose, prescribe, treat, or prevent disease. It’s very important to see a physician or other licensed health professional when you need a diagnosis.

I have a certain health condition. Can you tell me what natural remedies I should use?

No. As an herbalist and aromatherapist, I can teach you about the herbs, essential oils, and other supplements and remedies which can be used to improve the body’s natural function. But I cannot tell you what you should take for any condition, as that would be prescribing. 

Can I talk with you about a wellness need my child has?

Yes. If you are the legal parent or guardian of a child I am happy to help you with his or her health goals in the same way I help adults. 

Will I have to buy a bunch of supplements or sign up for any program after our call?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to do anything after our call. You’ll get individualized information and a personal blueprint for improving your health, but what you do with that information is solely up to you. I do not sell supplements, herbs, essential oils, or any similar products.

If I want to purchase products after our call, can you help me know what to buy?

Yes, at your request I can help you find high-quality product options. You always decide what’s right for you to purchase. We can discuss this during your first consultation.

Better health is waiting for you.

Are you ready to take a strong step towards it?

Fill out the Thriving Health Consultations Interest Form to get started.

Kristen Smith, Herbalist & Aromatherapist

My Qualifications:

I’ve completed the following natural health courses and certifications:

  • Family Herbalist, Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health 
  • Master Herbalist, Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health
  • Holistic Wellness, Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health
  • Aromatic Medicine, Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health
  • Botanical Skincare, Vintage Remedies School of Natural Health
  • Professional Aromatherapy Certification, Franklin Institute of Wellness

I am currently studying:

  • Herbal Medicine for Women, Aviva Romm, MD
  • Aromatherapy and herbalism self-study