Using Fit2B for Prenatal & Family Fitness

Learn about Fit2Be and how it can work for prenatal and general family fitness

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As I mentioned in the last post, I was recently introduced to Fit2B Studios, an online fitness site that offers 60+ workouts (and growing!) that can be accessed online, from anywhere, at anytime. Fit2B focuses on workouts that are “Tummy-Safe”, meaning they help heal and strengthen the core and pelvic muscles rather than stressing and injuring them more. I’ve been using the Pregnancy Workouts as well as some others that are safe for everyone, and I have to tell you just what I think about Fit2B when it comes to prenatal and general family fitness!

Fit2Be and Prenatal Fitness

Chair blend workouts from Fit2Be is a great Prenatal workout!

I was so glad to see that Fit2B offers a workout path geared just for expectant moms! The workouts really are just what I would want in prenatal fitness and have helped me stay more motivated to exercise in preparation for the birth of our soon-to-arrive bundle.

  • The workouts are gentle, but effective. There are no crazy moves or balancing acts, and I feel pleasantly fatigued after them, but never sore or in pain.
  • There are various levels of difficulty with lots of modification options. I’ve learned that some workouts are prefect for when I’m up for a challenge, and some just right for when I am already feeling a bit tired. Throughout all of the prenatal workouts, lots of options are given to modify the workout, too.
  • My back has been blessed! In all of my pregnancies, I’ve dealt with sharp pain in my sacroiliac joint (that’s where your tailbone fits into your pelvis) from an old sports injury. However, when I’m faithful with the Fit2B workouts, the pain is so much more infrequent! My muscles are supporting the joint more, and I’m also more aware how I’m sitting, standing, and moving around.
  • My belly isn’t bulging as much. I carry babies straight out like a torpedo, but I’ve always carried them low. I feel like with stronger transverse abs, my pregnant belly is more supported and that I can carry the extra bulk and weight better.

Not Just for Mommas

Fit2Be Studios Workouts for Children

As Bethany said, Fit2Be was started mostly because of her heart for moms, but it isn’t a fitness site just for mothers! There are all kinds of workouts for all sorts of fitness levels, and Bethany really has made a site that is very family-friendly. For example:

    • She dresses much more conservatively than other fitness instructors. As a woman that values modesty, I so appreciate that she isn’t showing cleavage or her mid-section. I don’t feel awkward having my children watch her leading me or them in exercises.
    • Yes, she has a whole section of workouts just for kids! I love the workouts for little ones! These videos are very fun, not scripted, and are loved by my children. They know that after I get done doing my exercises, they can do some, too. Robot Yoga, Animal Acrobats, and ABC Exercises are big hits here.
    • The music is very mild. No lyrics means no questionable language, and many of the workouts feature background music that is very relaxing!
    • Bethany is so encouraging! I love that she often offers options for modifying an exercise without making you feel like you are weak or inferior for needing to step it down a notch. In fact, she emphasizes over and over to listen to your body and respect its limits, while encouraging you that every little bit of movement helps.
    • You can access all of the videos, anytime, right from your home. There’s no gym to drive to, no sitter to arrange, and no DVD to get scratched or broken. Plus, with all of the videos available, there is something for every member of your family, all for one membership!

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Try Fit2B for Free, Then Save 30% on a Yearly Membership!

To get a feel for all that makes Fit2B different, hop on to the website and check out the Fit2B from A-Z section. You’ll find a video listed in red, and it’s free for you to try!

Once you decide you love Fit2B as much as I do, you can save 30% on your yearly membership by using the coupon code “smith” at checkout!

If you’ve tried the sample video from Fit2B, what did you think? What do you look for in a fitness routine for your family, if you have one?


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