Are There Safe & Natural Body Care Products? (Live Video Replay)

In the first episode of A Better Way to Thrive Live that aired February 2, 2019, Kristen W asks:

Is there a list of clean bath and body products, or even DIY options that are actually good for us?

Great question, Kristen!

Watch below to learn about what’s lurking in most personal care products, how to find better options, and more.

YouTube video

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Video Timestamps

  • 0:00, Introduction and subscriber question
  • 2:16, Ingredients in conventional personal care products and their potential health risks
  • 4:56, How to become aware of what’s in your body and personal care products
  • 8:39, Three possible sources for natural body products
  • 13:39, Easy DIY body care projects
  • 16:49, How to find a place to start making changes
  • 20:54, Easy ways to reduce your exposure
  • 25:15, How to find extra help making changes

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In this live video replay, Kristen answers the question: Are there safe and natural body care products that are good for us?

Do you have any additional questions about nontoxic bath and body care products?

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