How to Find, Identify, & Use Chickweed (Live Video Replay)

In Episode 4 of A Better Way to Thrive Live that aired May 4, 2019, we head outdoors and learn about a nutritious, useful, and abundant spring green, chickweed (Stellaria media).

Chances are, chickweed grows in your yard or very near you in the early spring and late fall when the weather is cool and the air is damp. Though unobtrusive and easily ignored, it has a lot to offer you!

Watch below to learn what chickweed looks like and how you can benefit from it.


0:00, Introduction & topic

1:25, Chickweed characteristics and identifiers

4:20, Chickweed actions

6:15, Chickweed uses and preparations

10:30, Chickweed safety information

12:13, Closing remarks and final look at chickweed

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Learn how to find, identify, and use chickweed, a common backyard plant found in the early spring and late fall.

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