How to Safely Dilute Essential Oils When Blending (Live Video Replay)

In the second episode of A Better Way to Thrive Live that aired March 2, 2019, Kendra P. asks:

If I make a blend of 3 oils, how do I make the correct dilution? Maybe there’s a simple solution I’m not seeing, but once the oils are mixed, how can I get the correct drops?

This is a great question, especially for those who have some experience using essential oils at home. Watch below to get the scoop on diluting your custom essential oil blends.


  • 0:00, Introduction and subscriber question
  • 2:30, Overview of what you need to keep in mind when diluting your custom essential oil blends, including two resources to make it easier
  • 5:00, How to decide on your total dilution percentage and total number of drops in your carrier
  • 9:20, How to choose the essential oils for your formula
  • 14:30, How to think through the properties of each essential oil in the formula, and how to distribute the total allowable drops among the oils in your blend
  • 17:10, How I created the Headache Blend using this process
  • 22:00, Concluding words and encouragement

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How to Get Extra Help When Using Essential Oils at Home

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Learn how to safely dilute your custom essential oil blends in this video

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