Why Are Some Essential Oils So Expensive? (Live Video Replay)

In Episode 3 of A Better Way to Thrive that aired April 6, 2019, Amber N. asks:

Why is the EO Melissa so expensive? Lemon Balm is the same thing as Melissa right? It grows like crazy at my house where I have planted it. It spreads like mint. I just wonder why the oil from a plant that is so prolific would be so expensive.

This is a very thoughtful question and one I wondered about for years, too. Watch below to learn about three factors that go into essential oil pricing.



  • 0:00, Introduction and subscriber question
  • 1:25, Factor 1: General production costs
  • 3:37, Factor 2: Plant rarity
  • 5:24, Factor 3, Amount of volatile oil in plant
  • 8:45, Buying tips and concluding help

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In this replay of ABWTT Live, Ep 3, you can learn about 3 factors that influence essential oil pricing

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